There are many forms of birth control available at Folong Teng Health Services. However, if you are looking for the longest acting, lowest maintenance, and most effective birth control options, then the Intrauterine Device (IUD) may be the right choice for you.

What is an IUD?

The IUD is a tiny t-shaped device made of plastic (hormonal IUD) or copper (Paragard copper IUD) that gets inserted into your uterus to prevent pregnancy. Once inserted, the IUD can last for several years, so it is a long-term option for birth control. However, it can be removed at any time should you decide you want to get pregnant or just don’t want it anymore. Other birth control options like the pill, the patch, the ring, and the shot decrease in effectiveness if you don’t take or use them as prescribed. For example, the pill is only 99% effective when you take it as prescribed at the same time daily, and goes down to only 93% effective when you do not use it as prescribed.

The IUD continues to be over 99% effective and is completely hassle free-once it’s in – you don’t have to think about it for years!

EEffectiveness: Some methods are less than 50% effective; and others, like the IUD are over 99% effective. How important is it for you to avoid pregnancy?

S-Safety: There are benefits and risks to every type of birth control depending on your medical history, and every patient reacts differently. A Follong Teng health care professional will recommend the safest type of birth control after discussing this with you.

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